Advanced Quality System

Quality excellence is the first and most important aspect that is evaluated by Laboratorios Maverick’s current and potential customers. We are committed to offering the most advanced Quality System with ongoing monitoring to ensure that all of our products are of the highest possible quality.

Maverick boasts a team of highly qualified professionals who undergo continuous training and development in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Product Safety to ensure the highest quality standards for our clients.


We perform regular internal and external audits to protect the quality of our processes and we also apply GMPs for cosmetic products in accordance with the EN ISO 22716 standard and the CE Regulations for cosmetic products.

We also apply the principles to ensure Product and Consumer Safety in all of our processes.

The measures we have implemented include:

  • The hygienic design of our installations and manufacturing equipment. The prevention of cross contamination.
  • The management of consumer queries through personalised over the phone assistance and medical support.
  • Annual product reviews (marketed test).
  • Environmental qualification of critical areas by independent laboratories.
  • Microbiology laboratory designed and equipped with the most advanced control and safety measures.
  • Process/line quality control and specific control by highly qualified personnel.
  • Annual supplier audit plan.
  • Continuous improvement system in all of the process areas.

Our certifications

Focusing on the wellbeing of the end consumer, we guarantee the highest quality standards in all our products by ensuring the quality and safety of each product while respecting the environment. To achieve this goal, we implement an integrated management system based on the requirements of ISO standards.

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