We have a wide portfolio of tailor-made, full service options and products which are adapted to our customers’ needs. Versatility and flexibility are what define us.

Co-Creation and development

Thanks to our experience in capturing trends and our knowledge of consumers, we help you to define the very best product.

Custom development

Share your briefing with us and we will offer you the best custom solution, developing, manufacturing and packaging your idea. 

Manufacturing service

We offer you our production service, based on the product and/or formula that you provide us with.

Development and extrusion of packaging

Thanks to our own Extrusion Plant, we design and produce your PET packaging with maximum quality.

Laboratorios Maverick,
your best ally for achieving success.

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Product categories

We are experts in the development and manufacturing of conventional, natural, organic and certified personal hygiene and care products, and we have an extensive portfolio of high-quality formulas and products which are adapted to the needs of even the most demanding consumers.

Oral Health

Technological Equipment

At Maverick Laboratories, we have extensive resources and we are committed to the highest technology when it comes to designing, approving and manufacturing our packaging and products.

Our development centre offers the following services:

  • Formulation and Packaging Development Departments by product categories.
  • Safety, validation and functional evaluation of new products.
  • Efficacy studies and claims.
  • Safety test.
  • Standardisation and validation of raw materials and packaging.
  • Hair evaluation (ex vivo).
  • Fragrance Evaluation.
  • Sensory Tests and HUTs.
  • Instrumental analysis.

Why choose us?

Laboratorios Maverick is a leading and competitive personal care company and we are your best ally if you are looking to achieve success.

Our advantages


We have a team of highly qualified and passionate experts with considerable experience in companies with international prestige. This team is committed to working to ensure perfect quality, while guaranteeing respect for people and the environment. We take care of the present and look to contribute to a better future.


Pioneering facilities equipped with the most advanced technology, meeting high quality standards, with requirements that exceed those of the market. Research and the ongoing search for excellence with a clear commitment to innovation in our products.


Being financially independent means that we are able to maintain complete control of our strategy, therefore enabling us to scale up our business in the long term and establish our investment priorities in the strategic areas where the Client needs them.


Exclusive support of their brands, designed to satisfy their needs by offering personal solutions and an integral service, which begins with the idea and ends with the product delivery. We control all of the developmental stages for the cosmetics we produce, meaning that our clients are able to benefit from our already existing technologies and dosage formats. Building and developing long-term trust-based relationships.


Over the course of 3 generations, we have acquired unique experience in the research, formulation and development of personal care and hygiene products. Thanks to our expertise in conventional, natural and organic formulation, we are able to meet the requirements of our clients today and tomorrow.

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