Innovation, part of our DNA

Present across all our processes and departments, it is part of the backbone of the company’s strategic actions.

Our commitment to innovation comes from an ongoing search for excellence in any development made, using the need to surprise consumers as our objective.


Trend and innovation

As a driving force of the company, the R+D+i and Materials Department is made up of state-of-the art laboratories, which are staffed by teams of international professional experts from the sector, who guarantee the functionality, sustainability and safety of our products.

As drivers of innovation, they find revolutionary solutions, anticipating legal requirements and implementing innovative methodologies to achieve their objectives.


Sensory experience and effectiveness

By using objective and pioneering techniques, we offer consumers the best experience. With the most advanced methods, we transform sensations into analysable data, to ensure that our products meet the very highest expectations.

In addition, we have expert assessors who evaluate the effectiveness of our products with real consumers in our own beauty salon.


Strictness and professionalism

We have a highly qualified team that is passionate about developing the highest quality products, and which boasts experience in companies with international prestige.

Our professionalism is reflected in our products, which are constantly being evaluated to ensure that they meet the legal and trend requirements in an ever-changing market.

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